Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Skin Tone

Yesterday, before we headed out for dinner, my aunt said something shocking to me. She told me my neck is fairer than my face. T.T  My skin tone has always been an issue with those around me. I'm several tones fairer than the norm. My sister said that I'm like part of the Twilight cast. It's become an issue ever since I started using cosmetics. By cosmetics I mean concealer only to cover up my dark circles. If it weren't for the dark circles I wouldn't even apply "makeup". Such a hassle. Even the promoter at the makeup counter recommend that I use the lightest tone because I'm too fair. I doubt their recommendation sometimes. That's because I think the tone that they recommend makes my face even whiter than it already is. Don't need to look like Chinese opera performer or geisha. Fortunately, I don't apply full makeup ( truth being I don't know how). Sigh. How to solve this different skin tone issue?

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