Wednesday, December 11, 2013

11.12.13 Unforgettable Experience

11.12.13. Another one of those days deemed special. Many scheduled to tie the knot on this day again. But something else happened.

Received a scary phone call.A guy called the land line and spoke in BM. So the phone was passed to me as the senior derpette couldn't understand. The man was really convincing. He spoke in a very serious tone. Initially I thought it was one of those telemarketing calls. but it wasn't. That man said that they have arrested senior derpette's son. He then mentioned that they are going to press charges against him today. And that he is from the narcotics department (first giveaway). I just responded with a hmm. He was surprised by my lack of panic and poker face response. He then added that it's customary to inform the family regarding the arrest. He got another hmm (low monotonous tone) from me. Getting a little agitated, he told me to wait for the letter from the high court (second giveaway). When we receive that letter, we can then hire a lawyer. I said ok. He was really going to blow his lid at this point. He then asked me whether I have any questions. I said no. Then he hung up.

Senior derpette being her normal panic state kept asking me what was it all about. I know I can't tell her what that man just said to me as she would go into panic mode and then things would blow out of proportion. Being a little worried myself, I needed to confirm with senior derpette's son on his whereabouts. But senior derpette kept asking. So Ijust told her that man said he has your son. I added that It's a scam, and that I will contact her son immediately. Sure enough senior derpette panicked, and went out of the room to call her daughter. I walked from the bathroom to the room to get my phone. Then I texted senior derpette's son. No response. A little worried with the non response, I texted my sister. Informing her about the called I just received. Panicked, she called  me and probed for details. She scolded me for not getting more information from the man. And added that I'm not alert. She said that she would try contacting senior derpette's son. Then senior derpette walked in and shoved her phone to me. I was senior derpette's daughter on the phone. she questioned me on the call. So I told her about it. I asked whether she has the contact numbers of her brother's friends. She said she doesn't. So I asked her whether she knows where one of his friend stays (that frind stays nearby). If she does, we can try asking that friend for confirmation. Again she said she doesn't. She then said to me, if that man calls again ask him which police station is he detained in and where to meet up.

I was a little worried as to whether what the man say is true because senior derpette's son didn't reply me. (Just a note to everyone, If someone texts/calls you, please reply. We are not trying to invade your privacy. We are worried and we just want to know that you are safe). Just then, my phone rang. Senior derpette's son replied. Before I could reply his message, Senior derpette barged in with her phone. Her son was on the line. She passed the phone to me. He asked me what did the man say. So I related the whole call to him. Boy was he furious. Just then, my phone rang again. This time it's senior derpette's daughter again. So I passed my phone to senior derpette as I was still on the phone with senior derpette's son. I asked him to give us the contact numbers of his close friends so that we can contact them if we fail to reach him.

The call that we received today was an exact scene of drama series and police informative series. Some random person who manage to get hold of a number and name will use it to extort money from unsuspecting family members (usually senior citizens). The caller would usually say that a certain family member is involved in an accident and is hospitalised, or that certain family member is arrested (like in this case) Knowing that unsuspecting family members, especially the older ones (parents, grandparents) will panic upon hearing that, these people will then proceed to lead those senior citizens into parting with their money to save their child.

The moral of today's story is, always inform your family and friends of your whereabouts. Always reply and answer your phone. Let your family members know your friends (in the event of an emergency, they know whom to contact).

As calm as I am, I have to say I had a moment of panic when I answered that call. I was worried when I heard he got arrested. Thought ran through my head as to what he was arrested for. I had to remain calm and poker faced throughout just so senior derpette wouldn't panic and pass out. Why and how did i know that the call was a scam? Well, firstly, I would have to say, that man is really quite an actor. He could have been a dubbing expert. He sounded really professional. There weren't any uhmm...hmmm throughout his call. His first giveaway was when he mentioned narcotics. What in the world would senior derpette's son have involved himself with drugs? Doesn't even make sense. The caller was trying to make it sound serious by mentioning something bombastic. Well, if someone was involved with drugs, cops would have shown up at the doorstep and not call the parents. What do you think this is? School? Call the parents up? The second giveaway was the mention of high court. I might not be an expert in this but it should start of with the lower level courts. and as the case proceeds (namely appeal), only will it go to the high court.

Hope no one falls for this kind of scam. Please be alert. And most importantly, keep your family and friends in the loop. Let them know of your whereabouts. And always answer the phone. There's a purpose for mobile phones. Not just to go on facebook, twitter, instagram,etc. It is mobile for a reason. So that you can be reached when you are out and about. Just because you don't care and worry about others doesn't imply that others don't worry and care about you.

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