Saturday, May 24, 2014


Wasps are ugly, vengeful creatures. Yesterday, a giant wasp flew in, even though the blinds were closed. It flew crazily around, banging itself against everything. It started coming towards us. So I rushed to get the insecticide. When I got back it flew towards my direction, so I started spraying. It flew away, then turned around and started charging at me. I ducked several times to avoid it. You trespass into my territory and now you want to pick a fight? Bring it on. I sprayed insecticide at it. But it flew higher towards the ceiling. Seems like challenging and mocking me for being short. Just you wait. Hey, dumb wasp, didn't you know the insecticide is airborne? I randomly sprayed when it attacked me. When it turn around to fly away, attempting to avoid the insecticide, I chased after it. Spraying more. This went on for a while. That vengeful wasp wasn't giving up on attacking me. It chased after me. So I ran into another "area" to avoid being stung. When I came out, it was gone. No where to be found. Perhaps it flew out through the door which was wide open. But the wasp being too dumb earlier didn't know how to exit after squeezing through the blinds. Dumbass. How did you enjoy your new scent?

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