Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hyper Week

The past week has been hell of a hyper week. To be exact a little over a week. Relatives from abroad came back and it was non stop activities. First was the arrival of the Americans. This is the first time I'm seeing them after over a decade. This also happens to be the first time I'm meeting the nephew. Gosh that makes me sound so old. Just to clarify, the age gap between me and my nieces and nephew is not that big. A couple of days later, the other family arrived. Things just got even more hyper then. The major event of the week was the "surprise birthday" celebration that my cousin's husband had for her. Not too sure if it was a surprise cause he told us to make reservation .And I was the one that made the reservation and we (sister included) did the celebration planning and execution i.e. cake tasting and sis bought the cake. Oh and the chocolate moist/ fudge (couldn't remember) was delectably heavenly. Man my language proficiency sure deteriorated. On the day of the celebration,we brought the girls (American nieces) shopping before the party. They were having such a dandy time until our phones kept ringing ( aunt and cousin chasing us to get back). We rushed back, got changed and proceeded to the restaurant. When we got to the restaurant, we were ushered to our room. It was then photo time. The birthday girl/lady wanted a family photo and there was a couch in the room ( yes the room is equipped with a couch, karaoke machine, astro and a private washroom). We were such a big clan and the couch was sitting at the corner if the room. So the waiter moved it slightly to the center so that the photo wouldn't appear lopsided. When the couch was moved from its comfort zone, it revealed the secret hiding place of la cockoroacha. Everyone (namely sister, cousin from America, me and several others) bolted. I merely moved further cause i wasn't that near. But sis and cousin from America bolted from the room. The waiter then packed the cockroach in tissue. Did i mention that it is big? Bleh... Really hate insects. Then it was dinner. Dinner was long. Really long. Throughout our feast, our "neighbours" kept belting their hearts out. Guess their mission for the night was karaoke instead of food. Since there was a karaoke, birthday girl/lady's husband decided to get entertaining. He went out and sang for his wife. Suppose he hasn't sang in a while but certainly salute his courage of dedicating the first song to his wife. Then they make us kids sing ( by kids i meant younger generation) sing. Well not all are good sports. Some sat still, some chickened out when the music came out, leaving me with elder American niece singing. Luckily she's sporting and has a good voice. Phew. Then everyone started getting high. Our neighbours thought we were challenging them and started singing louder. We took the challenge and sang back 😜. After several songs the oldest generation were starting to get tired and insisted we call it a night. Didn't take much photos with my phone. Was too busy snapping photos with the other cameras, eating & singing. Man,was rather embarrass with my singing. I have never sang in front of family members before. But I'm sure i am much better at singing than cousin's husband. That's for sure. Testing.....this is my first entry via phone.

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