Thursday, March 07, 2013


My iPhone has been quite a nuisance. It started with lagging, hanging, shutting down apps as an when it pleases. Now, the idiot proof button is malfunctioning. It has to be pressed multiple times for it to reveal the unlock function, and it gets worse when it comes to closing apps and returning to the homepage. Now I have to press the on/off button to unlock the phone. Why are you doing this to me?

I was thinking of switching to Android since the phones are cheaper and are available without having to be tied down by telcos. But my concern is losing everything in my phone. It is possible to retrieve things from the old phone if they are of the same kind (namely Apple to Apple, Android to Android). However, not much is said as to whether this is applicable for Apple to Android. Which indirectly means that my only choice of a new phone would have to be an Apple. Either that or just forget about the stuff in the iPhone and start over.

I wonder if this would work for me. Any Sponsors? In need of a phone.

*I tried re-sizing the pic's link but the picture doesn't show after the resize.

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