Monday, April 08, 2013

Another Stupid Dream

A couple of days ago, I had a stupid dream. I was at this mall after lunch. I was walking and decided to take a shortcut. I walked into an "alley" between two shops. Halfway through the alley I realised that it's a dead end. Hence, I turned around and walked out. But the alley was locked by this barricade like grill. I remember seeing a black guy near the alley when I walked in and he must have locked me in. As I approached the grill, the black guy opened it and let me out. I walked away. Not long after I left the alley I realised that I'm being followed by that black guy.

I quickened my pace. I walked towards a crowd and followed them down an escalator. Then I realised that the escalator was heading towards the dumpster. I wanted to just follow the crowd but the stench was just unbearable. As soon as I reached the ground, I took the escalator back up. At the corner of my eye, I spotted the black guy. He was lurking nearby. So I rushed through the mall and quickly walked towards the hotel. But no matter how fast I walk, something seems to be dragging me down and that black guy seems to be closer. I dashed towards the hotel main entrance and I saw that he took the side door. Then a group of men in business suit walked by, so I followed them. They were heading towards another narrow place. I was frantically looking for an exit,but everywhere I went seems to be a dead end. Seeing that there's no exit, I turned around and ascended the escalator from the narrow dead end. Took a quick glance to see whether the black guy is still there. He was. I hid behind the partition. When he wasn't looking, I quickly dashed into a lift. Then I woke up.

Brain, why won't you let me rest? Why don't you "create" pleasant dreams? What was the message that you were trying to send? To be aware of black guys?

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