Sunday, April 14, 2013


I don't normally play games that the majority plays. But there's this one game that I happened to play. It's rather addictive and makes the player kiasu (i.e. become overwhelmed with fear of losing). It's a guessing game called Icomania. It drives me nuts when I can't guess the "picture". Hence, I did a little cheating by asking a friend for assistance.

This friend won't give me the answer directly. Instead he resorts to giving hints. This really drives me up the wall. Already anxious for an answer and yet someone is withholding it. One day, I asked for and answer to the game. As usual he gave me a hint. When I manage to solve it, he said bingo. Then I asked him whether he has heard of the song "B-I-N-G-O". He said he has never heard of it. (Pffttt, every kid has).

Me: You will know it when you buy a kids' songs album for your kid.

He then asked :Why is everyone talking about kids these days?

Me: Well, that's because most of the people we know are already settled down and many with kids already. And you are not exactly 18 anymore (*We are not of the same age).

Anyway, I searched for the song and sent the link to him for reference.

Me: You can't exactly sing Gangnam Style or Harlem shake as lullaby for your kids.

He rebutted :Computer assisted. I'll let YouTube do it.

Me: Maybe YouTube will cease to exist then. Try programming the song into the microwave, so each time you heat up something the song will play.Then you can sing along.

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