Sunday, May 05, 2013

5 May 2013

This morning, like many of my fellow countrymen, I went to cast my vote. Somehow, Murphy's Law decided to pay a visit. While having breakfast, I was being attacked by mosquitoes. I was bitten all over my legs that broke into rash like effect. It was really itchy and icky. Big botches appear on my legs. After applying Mopiko, we left for the polling station. While on our way there, a spider jumped on my thigh. Fortunately my reflex action was fast, I squashed it before it managed to bite me. Again it was on the leg( thigh). While walking towards the polling station, they decided to cross the field, the minute I stepped on the grass, I felt excruciating pain on my right foot. I looked down and saw a big red and black coloured ant ripping my skin. Immediately I hit it but it was too late. I was already bitten. The pain was so excruciating and intense that it hurts to walk. I just grit my teeth and walked my dad to his polling station. Waited for him to finish voting before heading to my polling station. When I stepped into the polling station, I was asked to produce my ID to be crossed referenced with the record by the first person. When that was completed, my finger was painted with ink by the second person. He painted the top and proceeded to paint the bottom and inside of my nail. Then I was handed the ballot papers by the third person. After casting the vote and dropping off the ballot papers into the ballot box, I walked out. By then the pain on my foot was getting intense. Mum on the other hand was having an impromptu reunion with former neighbours. They went on and on. My foot started aching. When I got home, I dipped my foot into a dettol mixed tub. Then after I applied antiseptic cream to the wound and bandaged it. The bottom of my foot started to hurt badly and I could hardly walk. A little while ago,I removed the bandage after showering. The spot where the ant bit could now be visibly seen as opposed to earlier when it was all red. The black spot is where the ant bit. Such a small creature but so poisonous.

And the ink, is like eternal soulmate with my skin. I washed it thrice with antiseptic soap when I got home but it hardly fade. Mum suggested using bar soap instead. After washing with bar soap, the ink faded but not entirely. Currently, there is still ink on the finger and in the nail.

The inked finger.

Left: Ant bite taken on the way home.

Right: After washing and bandage.

The black spot on the side of the foot is the ant bite.

After washing thrice with sanitizing soap, the ink remains.

This is the best post that I've read today.


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