Thursday, December 20, 2012


Question: Why was it predicted that the world would end on 21.12.2012 instead of 20.12.2012?

Anyway, the past few days have not been pleasant. Went on the suckiest trip and wasted loads of my money for this trip. Throughout the trip I was the human sand bag. A rabid psychopath kept attacking me for no reason. Simply just to vent his dissatisfaction that I joined the trip (his partner wanted me to go). We walked around aimlessly and didn't even manage to do anything eventful. All because the initial itinerary was not adhered to and the majority of the clan kept changing the plan. When it was shiny, they want to stay indoors and when it's rainy they want to do all sort of stuff outdoors.

During one of the days, they decided to take the MRT instead of our usual cab rides. So off we went to the subway. We got off at a large mall on the other side of the island. They then insisted to shop instead of heading outdoors to their initial planned destinations. Then when they were bored and decided to head to the other island, it started pouring. But hey, since we are there, the plan must go on (What plan? Was there even one to begin with?). So we head up to the uppermost level of the mall to catch the monorail to the other island. We head to the information counter to ask for directions and purchased our tickets at the ticketing machine. When we reached the other island, I walked behind a the "troupe leader" and his partner. Out of a sudden, a guy walked beside me and grabbed my hand. He gripped me tightly and started dragging me along with him. I was stunned. I turned towards him and said "Excuse me". He continued walking holding my hand. I pulled back and he turned around and was surprised to see a stranger. What kind of an idiot would simply grab a stranger who walks beside him? He then let go of my hand and walked away, embarassed. Without appologizing.

The rabid attacks continued for the entire trip. It persisted even after we touched down on home soil. That's a story for another day. Back at a second home, the rabid craziness continues. Was being attacked by another rabid creature.

So for the world to come to an end is not such a bad thing afterall. 2012 has not been a pleasant year. It's about time horrid beings get wiped off the surface of earth.

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