Sunday, December 30, 2012

Psycho 2

Was being told by the Mother Theresa wannabe to make peace with her lover and to forgive his psycho babble. And to be a bigger person. I for one, am very forgetful. I don't remember what I did minutes earlier. I was reluctant to go because I am able to forgive, but that doesn't mean the donkey wants peace. Anyway, was being duped by "the saint" that all's well and I should accept his savage character. She told me that he asked for me to join them for a movie. He asked what I wanted to watch so I just named a show. However, he already had a show in mind. He went ballistic when she told him about my choice. She told him to stick to his choice but he refused as he wanted to show how nice he is by sacrificing for me. When he came to pick us up this morning, "the saint" as usual was running late. She called for me to ask which bag I was using as she intended to use hers which is of the same colour. She then switched to another bag. She dashed downstairs and got into the car leaving me behind. It then appears to him that I'm the one that is late. He started cursing and swearing saying she always have to tag her stupid sister along. Never mind. When we reached the cinema, he went to buy snacks. He deliberately got 2 drinks when there are 3 pax. So fine. She got me a drink when we came out from the washroom. Never mind. After the show, we headed for lunch. That's when the drama started. He asked what I wanted to order. After we have placed the order, he told me to cancel mine as he claims there's too much food (even before the food arrived). Never mind. I don't eat a lot anyway. Throughout the whole meal, he kept berating and tormenting me with insults. This went on for hours. He deliberately yelled at me, then call me rude ( who's the rude one? The one yelling or the one not speaking but is being yelled at?). Everyone at the restaurant kept turning around and looking at us. That really boosted his ego and kept him going. Throughout all this time, his lover didn't say anything but kept encouraging him. Never mind. Then when we reached home, he yelled at me "get the fuck out of my car". That is my last draw. I am not your fucking sand bag. Get yourself to the mental hospital if you have difficulty speaking like a normal person. No one has to be subject to your verbal abuse diarrhea.

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