Saturday, December 01, 2012

Just A Thought

This year, I have received countless invitations to weddings. It seems like this year is a "good" year to wed. The very first was from my secondary schoolmate,then an invitation from a colleague to his, follwed by an invite by a really nice university friend to his wedding, two invitations from my primary schoolmates,...I lost count. Did I miss out any? Anyway, congratulations to all of them for starting a new chapter in their lives.

I was having a chat with a friend and I mentioned that wedding invitations have become more like birthday invitations of late. He couldn't agree more with that. Boy, we sure are growing fast. Then I came across a post on 9gag with which I couldn't agree with more. It states that, "When you think of 10 years ago, you think of the 90s". How true.

It seems that people these days are getting hitched at an early age. It is like a re-enectment of the past. The time of our grandparents whereby people settle down in their late teens or early 20s. What's more baffling is that, arranged marriage still takes place nowadays.

Well I suppose marriage does become a main priority in the lives of most people. I even get called "old maid" by nasty co-workers because I don't live in with a guy, and make him get me a ring minus the diamond (she had to go diamond scouting herself with her bff(s). Reminds me of Sugar & Spice (the pregnant cheerleader movie). In their context, I'm pitiful. I'm glad I don't have to be a whore before I get a lame excuse of a ring to wear.

For me, I don't want just any guy that you pick up on the street or in a pub or matchmaked. What I want is a man who is financially sound and can support me in every way. I don't want to live a pathetic life trying to make ends meet, just for the sake of being married in the 20s. I'd rather have the financial capacity of Victoria Beckham rather than maximizing $20 claims from working overtime just so to finance manicure sessions, to get a cup of Starbucks (just to appear like I'm rich (*as a matter of fact, unbeknowst to her, I indeed can afford Starbucks daily without having to wait for happy hour deals and flashing the employee ID to get a discount. Bargains are not my thing. I prefer retail.)) and renting a branded handbag to rival a "foe". That's just sad. Really, really sad. Oh you poor unfortunate soul. Nah, in their case, it's karma.

Ok. Enough of the forever miserable bitch clan.

Then there's this ongoing talk about the world ending in 2012. I guess the rush to get married is probably due to that. One thing's for sure in the bucket list of most people : To be married before the world ends. Well, if the world is coming to an end, like it matters if you get hitched or not. Nothing's going to be left on the planet.

Apart from that, this happens to be the final year to have the same numbers for day-month-year a.k.a 12.12.12. Oh no! If this date pass and I don't get hitched, I would have to wait another thousand years or so. Then I would really need to be part of the Cullen(s). Egad. Pfftt. Rolls eyes.

It feels like I'm mocking my friends. Really, I am not. It's just that halfway through typing, the bitch clan came into my mind and was then typed in. Nevermind. I'm used to being misunderstood.

What I'm trying to say is:

I'd rather be a trophy wife, than a housewife.

This came up when a friend of mine sugested mockingly that I be a housewife. I retorted "I'd rather be a trophy wife".

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