Sunday, February 24, 2013

Apple Drama

I am not a tech savvy person. In fact I'm pretty much a laggard when it comes to technology. I was still using a phone which would have been in a phone museum up till mid last year when I got a hand me down smartphone. Hey, we do get attached to objects too. My previous phone has been with me since university days (think in the second year). While everyone including kids are swiping away on their phones, I was still hitting on buttons. Even maids have better phones. Le sigh. Anyway, the smartphone is showing signs of ailments. Throwing tantrums here and there. And refusing to operate properly (Black out, shut apps down, lag,etc).

Recently, there was an upgrade. The iPad mini came into sight. I was given the task to set things up (more like resetting). Hence, I embarked on the journey of putting things into picture (well, since everything has to be erased and re-installed, it's pretty much putting things into a picture). Anyway everything was working fine until a request to FaceTime appears. Somehow, it simply doesn't work.

Spent the entire night (yesterday) trying to connect to FaceTime but to no avail. Kept getting diverted back to the same page after the password has been keyed in and signed in. No matter what I do, it simply wouldn't connect. The other party kept asking me to show them the process. So the whole night was spent painstakingly going through everything in the settings and taking pictures of each stage and sending it over. Finally, the other party gave up. I too was annoyed with it.

Just now, I decided to reset the mini. So I just hit reset. Well, if nothing works, then just restore it to factory setting. And what do you know. Reset was all it needs to get the FaceTime up and running. Sheesh. Stupid Apple. Why didn't you say so earlier?

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