Sunday, August 18, 2013

Things That Grind People's Gears

Every living being can relate to this. Senseless commentary from people. When you're in your teens, you're discouraged from being in relationships. Especially more so if you're Chinese. As you approach 20s, everyone will start asking whether or not you're in a relationship. When you're approaching your mid 20s, people will ask when you're getting married. After you get married, people will start asking when you'll have kids. After having a baby, people will ask when will you be having subsequent ones. It really makes you want to tell them off. Mind your own business. Would you like it if you were asked when's your turn when meet at funerals? When it happens, it happens. Life is not scripted. It does not follow a curriculum syllabus. It does not state that you have to have a partner when you're 18, be married at 25, have a baby at 26. Each person's life is different. If you have nothing intelligent to say to break the ice or just have to say something that betrays your common sense just to satisfy your nosy behaviour, then it's best to just remain quiet. Someone posted a "comic" on this as well. Guess there are abundant of people without common sense around.

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