Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Rambling 2

For the past few months, more and more of the people I know became parents . It seems that all people do these days is just making babies. It is as though sex has become the sole priority for living. Have we evolve back to the time where making babies is the only activity, much like our ancestors time? Anyway, I just read a touching post written by a good husband ( probably the last good man alive). It wasn't only his good flair of writing, but also through his post you can tell the depth of his love towards his wife. He dedicated his child's name to his wife. Simply put, his child carries his wife's last name. It's always bewildering that bitches get the greatest catch. For a girl whose every fibre is bitchy, she somehow managed to land herself a good guy. It certainly doesn't pay to be good. Being good gets you no where. You end up being surrounded by assholes and subject to constant bullying. Not to mention always being the scapegoat and people treat you like a pushover. The is no fairness in life. Only the evil will prosper. EVIL is LIVE read backwards. Now it makes sense.

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