Monday, September 09, 2013

Stop It

I have been getting a lot of calls from unknown numbers. After being harassed by 0199122966, I've resorted to ignoring these calls. But they just won't give up. They keep calling me repetitively. Telcos seem to not understand the meaning of "BLOCK". Blocking the number on the phone does not work. What is the purpose of blocking numbers when their calls still get through? Can lawyers out there enlighten me? Is there a law ( apart from injunction) that can be used to stop these kind of harassment? It's really annoying. The harassers just call day and night, as and when they please. Where's the customer's right? What do the telcos mean by they can't stop ( block) these harassers' number from calling us? What are you talking about? Is harassment legalised? In situations like these, if no action can be taken against the harassers, can telcos be penalised for not taking action against stopping such harassing calls? If action can be taken against cyber bullying, why can't there be anything done for phone " bullying"?

What kind of number is this? 

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