Thursday, July 21, 2016

Apple Phising

I almost fall into a Phising trap. I received an email of an invoice from "Apple". When I saw the amount on that email, my eyes almost pop out. The email showed that a purchased of some song by some unknown artist on apple store was made on the 20 July 2016 by my account. The amount was quite a big sum and it was in pounds. Holy cow. How on earth did that happen? I have not used my iTunes account in years. No way on earth could that purchase have taken place. Moreover on an unknown artist. Total bullshit. No way am I paying for that. I looked up my devices and couldn't find any trace of such nonsense purchase. To make things worse, I forgot my username and password for iTunes. I started contacting my banks to block that stupid transaction. I couldn't remember which credit card was used to register the iTunes account. Fml. So I had to call up all the banks that I deal with. Major fml. The beloved tiger bank as always is the pain in the rear. Called a million times but can't even get through the precious hotline. Not even once. Called the other bank and immediately got through. However I was told by the person on the line they can't block the transaction. Seriously puke blood. What can a bank do then? Sit and wait for disaster to strike? Never mind. Continue calling the anal bank hotline but to no avail. At the same time I started looking up apple support . I managed to chat with one apple support staff. She told me it is not her jurisdiction and told me to call the hotline. And left the chat. So much for being support staff. I tried contacting the apple hotline. Again can't get through. Seriously, what's the point of hving hotlines that customers can't get through? I contacted the chat room again . This time a guy called Russell replied. I relayed my woe to him and ask for help to stop the transaction. He asked for the said email and I sent it to him. He said that it is some Phishing scam and I was to ignore that email. Thank god for support staff like Russell. Save me the trouble of contacting the anal bank. 

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