Thursday, June 05, 2014

Snatch Theft

5 June 2014. A neighbour told mum that someone was mugged/robbed/encounter with snatch thieves in broad daylight (around 3pm) in our housing area. More specifically, in front of her house a couple doors down. She was driving back to her house and just stopped her car in front of her house. Two motorcycles, comprising four people surrounded her vehicle on both sides. The smashed her car windows with wrench and snatched her handbag. She screamed for help but they just sped off. Because the people in the neighbourhood tend to speak really loud, and most of the time sound like they are quarrelling, no one noticed. The lady then called the police. People that pass her vehicle were perplexed as to why it was parked almost at the middle of the road with the door opened. The lady then explained that she was robbed/mugged/victim to snatch theft. She didn't shut the damaged car door as it has the fingerprints of the culprits and she is waiting for the cops to arrive. News spread fast. Soon everyone in the neighbourhood know about the story and more and more busybodies (namely housewives) started going to her for more details. Everyone was waiting for the cops to arrive to witness the forensic search. They waited, and waited, and waited. One by one, started to head home after waiting for close to an hour. Still no sign of the police. The police station is actually less than five minutes drive from our housing area. After several hours, there was still no sign of the police. The sky was getting darker and it seems like it was going to pour. The nosy housewives managed to snoop the latest outcome. The victim after waiting for hours, and not see any trace of the cops, had to go to the police station to lodge a report. However, it doesn't end there. At the police station, she was told to go to another police station which was in the city centre, to lodge the report (reason unknown). Question: I have never lodge a report at the police station so I'm  clueless. Why can't the nearest police station record the incident? Why does the case have to be diverted to a police station that is so out of the way, to record the case? Why didn't the police come to the crime scene?

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