Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Bad Decision

I was hungry around 10.30pm, so I decided to have some instant noodles. Ever since Mamee started making all their instant noodles "mi tarik", we stop buying them. We dislike the texture of the noodles that seems like it's uncooked even after being cooked for 15-20 minutes. My favorite pork flavoured Thai noodles is not available in supermarkets because it is pork flavour, and it is normally only available in the market. But due to not many people being aware of this awesome flavoured noodle, it is now a rare sight in the market as well. So back to my supper story. I'm sick of the chicken flavour noodles, so I thought of swapping the chicken flavour seasoning with Tom yam flavouring. Because I was really hungry, I decided to add an egg. It was a bad decision. First, when it came out of the microwave, it was too bland. All I could taste was the egg. Blegh. So added a bit more of the Tom yam flavouring to the noodles. Still it doesn't taste nice. So mum suggested that I add the chicken seasoning to the noodles. Boy did it taste weird. Not to mention too salty and sour. Really need to find new flavour of instant noodles . Will somebody please bring in the Thai pork flavoured noodle. Really sick of the usual curry, Tom yam , laksa , chicken, vegetarian , Korean, pepper, seafood, flavoured noodles. 

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