Thursday, June 19, 2014


I don't know why I always encounter freaky things. I'm always the one that comes face to face with a cockroach or some giant ass bug or a big monitor lizard climbing the window or some weird stuff. Again this happened in the evening today. We were mixing the batter and in the process of poring the batter into the mould to be baked. It wasn't intentional, at that particular moment, I walked towards the living room and there it was. Scaling the wall. A giant centipede. I called out to my mum to come help catch it. She too was stunned by the size of the centipede. She panicked, picked up a slipper and smack it on the centipede. It wriggled from beneath the slipper towards the floor. With swift moves it ran towards hiding. Mum started screaming and told me to bring the insecticide. I brought a pair of tongs and the insecticide. I was spraying at the centipede when mum snatched the can of insecticide from me. She sprayed like almost half the can of insecticide at the running centipede. The swift centipede ran like Usain Bolt and tried to escape. It was really fast although it was injured by the slipper smack. It ran towards the crack between the floor and the wall. So there's where it came from. Mum chased after it and managed to defeat it. Killing it. Victory. It was about the length of a small ruler (a.k.a. 15 cm) and quite fat. Too bad I didn't have my phone with me. Sometimes it just feels like we're living in a rainforest. This reminds me of some post that I came across regarding a centipede that killed a snake by cutting through the snake's body while it was being swallowed. Creepy creature. Fortunately no one was injured while catching the centipede just now. Here's a photo of the centipede that killed the snake to make up for not having a photo of the giant centipede that "visited" us just now.

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