Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Gender and Race

After receiving several emails from Nuffnang, I decided to log in to have a look. I have not log in since I set up the account (that was many years ago). Assuming that I still remember the username and password, I log in. What appeared was Incorrect username and password. Tried again. Incorrect username and password. Never mind. Forget it. Then I saw the Forgot Password link, so I just clicked on that. Everyone knows what happens next. I managed to sign in to Nuffnang. I was randomly clicking then I landed in the profile or personal settings page. Something caught my eye. At the Race column it is set to Malay. How on earth for someone with a name like mine ended up being Malay? And to add to that the Gender was set at Male. What on Earth. Does Nuffnang set everyone's Race And Gender to Malay and Male by default? This is shocking. Today I discovered from Nuffnang that I'm a MaLay dude. 

Very funny people. 

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